Hi there! I’m Pat, founder and co-owner of Petals & Plates. My dream of opening an event-related business began many years ago and came to life in 2019 by marrying my love for vintage tableware with the idea of renting my collection for events of all sizes. This also became a fabulous excuse for adding to my collection. When looking for a space to house this new venture, I found an adorable 1949 cape style building for sale where there was an existing flower shop.

That year had special meaning to me as my parents were married in May 1949 and their passing had left me with an inheritance that supported my business idea. Finding this building that is our current shop seemed like a sign from the universe. I’ve always been a lover of all things floral and am a master gardener, so when friends and family pointed out that flowers and plates both go on a table, my venture gained even more definition. Petals & Plates was born, a name that was suggested by a very good friend!  

Hi friends! I’m Casey, creative director and co-owner of Petals & Plates. My journey in the event world began in 2020, when, like so many people, I had to make a major life shift as a result of Covid. I had always been design oriented and artistic, but was forced to make a decision I may not have ever made on my own to leave the corporate world behind.

The world truly works in mysterious ways because I could not be happier than I am now creating beauty and joy for our clients every day! When I started with Petals & Plates, I knew we had to either leave the floral piece behind, or dive into it head first and just keep swimming. Well, you now know which path we went with. I attended the New York Flower School to gain some hard floral skills that could accompany my design background and have been growing as a designer ever since!     


A few of our 

Favorite Things

Favorite flower


Favorite aspect of event design

Creating a design that perfectly represents our clients! 

Favorite part of event day

Looking around the beautiful scene we created before anyone arrives  

In my free time I love to

Forage at vintage markets for tableware pieces. I also garden at the shop and at home  

Favorite food

Van Leeuwens Honeycomb Ice Cream (yup, that specific)

Favorite flower


Favorite aspect of event design

Mixing unexpected textures, colors, and floral elements to create unique beauty

Favorite part of event day

The energy and excitement during set-up

In my free time I love to

Host friends around a home-cooked meal

Favorite food

Any sort of homemade pasta dish



Our Core Values

We work with any and all couples who are wildly in love and who want to create a wedding day as unique and beautiful as they are. Petals & Plates will always be an all-inclusive business. Regardless of your sexuality, gender, race, age or ability, we would be honored to work with you.

We always strive to use locally sourced flowers whenever possible. We are members of the CT flower collective – a group of local, mostly women farmers, and during the New England growing season, this is where we’re getting the bulk of our flowers! 

We care a lot about our earth and do whatever is possible to help her. Renting items to reduce waste is one of the primary pillars of our business!  

Your wedding day or special event is uniquely yours. You don’t want boutonnieres? No need to have them. You’d prefer plants and herbs rather than floral centerpieces? Sounds good to us! You want to mix modern glassware with eclectic vintage plates? Amazing. Let’s do it. Design is so beautiful because there are no hard and fast rules. Sure, we’ll make suggestions about color palettes and will take into account how things coordinate with your venue and the overall vibe of your day, but ultimately, you call the shots.